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[Warrior Chronicles  10] - The Flame Bearer - Bernard Cornwell

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Read by Matt Bates
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Book Title:………………..The Flame Bearer
Series Name:…………….Last Kingdom (Saxon Stories) (Warrior Chronicles)
Series No:………………..10
Author:…………………….Bernard Cornwell
Narrator:………………….Matt Bates
Genre:……………………..Adventure Crime Thriller
Publisher:…………………Historical Adventure

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From the day it was stolen from me, I had dreamed of recapturing Bebbanburg. The great fort was built on a rock that was almost an island; it was massive, it could be approached only on land by a single narrow track - and it was mine.
Britain is in a state of uneasy peace. Northumbria’s Viking ruler, Sigtryggr, and Mercia’s Saxon Queen, Aethelflaed, have agreed to a truce. And so England’s greatest warrior, Uhtred of Bebbanburg, at last has the chance to take back the home of his traitorous uncle, which was stolen from him so many years ago - and which his scheming cousin still occupies.
But fate is inexorable, and the enemies Uhtred has made and the oaths he has sworn combine to distract him from his dream of recapturing Bebbanburg. New enemies enter into the fight for England’s kingdoms: the redoubtable Constantin of Scotland seizes an opportunity for conquest and leads his armies south.
Britain’s precarious peace threatens to turn into a war of annihilation. But Uhtred is determined that nothing, neither the new enemies nor the old foes who combine against him, will keep him from his birthright. He is the Lord of Bebbanburg, but he will need all the skills he has learned in a lifetime of war to make his dream come true.

Bernard Cornwell was born in London in 1944 - a ‘warbaby’ - whose father was a Canadian airman and mother in Britain’s Women’s Auxiliary Air Force. He was adopted by a family in Essex who belonged to a religious sect called the Peculiar People (and they were), but escaped to London University and, after a stint as a teacher, he joined BBC Television where he worked for the next 10 years. He began as a researcher on the Nationwide programme and ended as Head of Current Affairs Television for the BBC in Northern Ireland. It was while working in Belfast that he met Judy, a visiting American, and fell in love. Judy was unable to move to Britain for family reasons so Bernard went to the States where he was refused a Green Card. He decided to earn a living by writing, a job that did not need a permit from the US government - and for some years he had been wanting to write the adventures of a British soldier in the Napoleonic wars - and so the Sharpe series was born. Bernard and Judy married in 1980.

Matthew Bates trained at Drama Studio London. His theatre credits include Tales of The Country (Pentabus); Neville’s Island ( English Theatre Frankfurt); The Representative (Finborough); A Tail of Two Dogs (Out of Order at the Dylan Thomas Centre) Tom’s Midnight Garden (No1 Tour); The Master Builder (Albery); The Lion in Winter (Perth Rep); Romeo & Juliet (King’s Head); and Nightbus (Birmingham Rep). He was a member of the BBC World Service Radio Rep and has provided voices for numerous computer games. He has worked on TV shows such as Silent Witness, Eastenders, Crimewatch Solved, Panorama and Quayside. His film credits include Bridget Jones’s Diary and V for Vendetta.

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