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Books 1-4 [The Doctor, The Man, The Lover, The Fighter]

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The Doctor [Book 1]

My husband left me.

After five years together, he realized he was gay.

Once the anger had faded away, there was nothing but love behind. This man is still my best friend and I want him in my life. So I move across the hall so we can be as close as we always have.

Then his brother moves in for a couple of weeks, a man I’ve never met. He relocates to Seattle to work as an ER doctor at the local hospital.

And he’s NOTHING like his brother.

The strong and silent type, he looks at me with a gaze so fierce it’s like he hates me. Every time we’re alone in a room together, the chemistry is so suffocating I can barely breathe. The guy never wears a shirt around the apartment so that makes it a million times worse…or better depending on how you look at it.

But this man is off limits. He’s the only man in the world I can’t have. And he can’t have me either.

So we’ll just have to keep pretending there’s nothing here….even though there is.

The Man [Book 2]

Now that Jax is gone and I’m single once again, I’m supposed to be finding Mr. Right.

But Finn is the only guy I want.

Every time we’re in the same room together, the heat is explosive. We can barely look at each other without our hands shaking. As days turn into weeks, our resolve softens.

And then we can’t fight it anymore.

The Lover [Book 3]

Against all odds, Finn and I have managed to be together.Colton continues to warn me, says that Finn will never change.But he already has.I don’t know what the future holds…but I think Finn fits in somewhere.

The Fighter [Book 4]

Finn did the unthinkable.He left.Just as my parents abandoned me, he left to live a better life.It took so long to pick up the pieces, but I’ve sworn to never fall in love again.And to never take Finn back…no matter how much begs.

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