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Scratchman - Tom Baker

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In his first-ever Doctor Who novel, Tom Baker’s incredible imagination is given free rein. A story so epic it was originally intended for the big screen, Scratchman is a gripping, white-knuckle thriller almost forty years in the making.

The Doctor, Harry and Sarah Jane Smith arrive at a remote Scottish island, when their holiday is cut short by the appearance of strange creatures – hideous scarecrows, who are preying on the local population. The islanders are living in fear, and the Doctor vows to save them all. But it doesn’t go to plan – the time travellers have fallen into a trap, and Scratchman is coming for them.

With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, the Doctor must battle an ancient force from another dimension, one who claims to be the Devil. Scratchman wants to know what the Doctor is most afraid of. And the Doctor’s worst nightmares are coming out to play…

Tom Baker himself reads this legendary Doctor Who adventure, a spine-chilling thriller forty years in the making.

Duration: 8h 40m

Written by Tom Baker with James Goss
Storyline by Tom Baker and Ian Marter
Additional voices by Nicholas Briggs

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04 Fear of the Unknown.mp3 1.46 MBs
05 Chapter 3.mp3 5.98 MBs
06 Chapter 4.mp3 6.62 MBs
07 Fear of Running.mp3 1.39 MBs
08 Chapter 5.mp3 5.73 MBs
09 Chapter 6.mp3 7.01 MBs
10 Chapter 7.mp3 3.3 MBs
11 Chapter 8.mp3 5.79 MBs
12 Chapter 9.mp3 4.26 MBs
13 Fear of the Absurd.mp3 1.03 MBs
14 Chapter 10.mp3 5.26 MBs
15 Chapter 11.mp3 2.35 MBs
16 Chapter 12.mp3 12.65 MBs
17 Fear on Earth.mp3 2.94 MBs
18 Chapter 13.mp3 10.61 MBs
19 Chapter 14.mp3 10.68 MBs
20 Chapter 15.mp3 7.09 MBs
21 Fear of Saving the Universe.mp3 1.74 MBs
22 Chapter 16.mp3 6.72 MBs
23 Chapter 17.mp3 10.34 MBs
24 Fear of Lies.mp3 1.38 MBs
25 Chapter 18.mp3 9.64 MBs
26 Chapter 19.mp3 7.66 MBs
27 Fear of the Devil.mp3 1.89 MBs
28 Chapter 20.mp3 4.93 MBs
29 Chapter 21.mp3 4.45 MBs
30 Chapter 22.mp3 6.45 MBs
31 Chapter 23.mp3 8.62 MBs
32 Chapter 24.mp3 5.77 MBs
33 Fear and Friends.mp3 1.49 MBs
34 Chapter 25.mp3 9.58 MBs
35 Chapter 26.mp3 4.67 MBs
36 Chapter 27.mp3 1.57 MBs
37 Fear of Death.mp3 2.15 MBs
38 Chapter 28.mp3 8.94 MBs
39 Chapter 29.mp3 7.73 MBs
40 Chapter 30.mp3 7.3 MBs
41 Chapter 31.mp3 5.34 MBs
42 End of Fear.mp3 3.09 MBs
43 Epilogue.mp3 2.26 MBs
44 PS From the Doctor.mp3 4.4 MBs
Cover.jpg 38.33 KBs
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