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Earthrise [1-9] - Daniel Arenson

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Earth Alone: Earthrise, Book 1

They came from deep space. They came to destroy us.

Fifty years ago, bloodthirsty aliens devastated the Earth. Most of humanity perished. We fell into darkness.

But now we rise from the ashes. Now we fight back.

Marco Emery was born into the war. After his mother is killed, he joins the Human Defense Force, Earth’s ragtag army. Emery must survive basic training, become a soldier, and finally face the aliens in battle.

Against the alien onslaught, Earth stands alone. But we will fight. We will rise. We will win.

If you loved Ender’s Game, Starship Troopers, and Old Man’s War, you’ll love Earthrise, a new military science fiction series. From a USA Today bestselling author.


Earth Lost: Earthrise, Book 2

Earth burns.

We call them the scum. They came from deep space. Creatures of claws and endless malice, they ravage the world.

As the war flares, as cities crumble, Private Marco Emery and his platoon blast into space. They won one battle on Earth. Their next battle must be fought in the darkness.

The scum will not rest until the last human is dead. Marco and his friends must defeat them. They must win. Or Earth will fall.


Earth Rising: Earthrise, Book 3

It’s all-out war.

Our cities fall. Millions die. The scum, these cruel aliens from deep space, are determined to kill us all.

So we must kill them.

Humanity musters its greatest fleet. Thousands of starships rally. Millions of soldiers deploy. For Earth to stand a chance, we must invade the aliens’ homeworld. We must destroy their planet.

Before they destroy ours.

Earth’s fleet flies through space. We fly toward millions of enemy ships. We fly to almost certain death. This will be the hour humanity falls . . . or the hour of our greatest victory.


Earth Fire: Earthrise, Book 4

They emerge from shadows. Hungry for flesh, they scurry forth. They are the marauders, the galaxy’s deadliest predators.

And they crave Earth.

Five years ago, we won our first galactic war. We defeated the scum, a race of alien centipedes. But the marauders are stronger, smarter, and crueler by far. And they will show us no mercy.

Marco Emery, hero of the last war, struggles today as a civilian. Shell shock cripples him. Nightmares haunt him. Yet now he must become a soldier again. Now his old platoon must reunite. Together, they must defeat the greatest threat Earth has ever known.

Or humanity will fall.


Earth Shadows: Earthrise, Book 5

The marauders, terrors from deep space, hit us hard.

Our starships shattered. Our armies collapsed. Our cities crumbled.

As Earth smolders, the marauders imprison us in camps. They farm us like cattle. They torture us for sport. Earth weeps.

But there is hope.

The Ghost Fleet, an ancient alien armada, might still exist in deep space. In a single starship, Sergeant Marco Emery and his friends seek this mythical fleet. They must find it. They must return with its might.

Or the marauders will kill us all.


Earth Valor: Earthrise, Book 6

The marauders, vicious alien predators, brought us to our knees.

They destroyed our fleets. They burned our cities. They butchered millions.

But now we fight back.

Across the ruins of Earth, we rise in rebellion. In the depths of space, we seek allies.
And our last warship prepares for one final battle.

It’s a time for heroes. A time to show our human pride. Because Earth is our home. Earth is our birthright. Earth is eternal.

We will save it. Or we will die on our feet.


Earth Reborn: Earthrise, Book 7

For years, they stalked us. Kidnapped us. Dissected us. For years, we feared them.

Some call them “gray aliens.” Some claim they crashed in Roswell. Others say they’re just a myth.

But legends often spring from terrifying truths. There are monsters in the dark. And their evil knows no bounds.

We’ve faced aliens before. But nothing like this. This enemy is stronger, smarter, and crueler by far. And they want to kill us all.

But we refuse to fall.

We will muster all our courage. All our strength. We will tell the enemy: “Earth will rise!”


Earth Honor: Earthrise, Book 8

We call them the grays. For years, they lurked in shadows. For years, they struck from the dark. Kidnapping us. Torturing us. Studying us.

Now they unleash their full fury.

Thousands of their saucers attack Earth. Our armies crumble. Earth burns.

Yet from the fire, heroes rise.

Marco Emery. Addy Linden. Einav Ben-Ari. Names everyone on Earth knows. The names of legends. Names now whispered as a prayer.

Around the heroes, humanity will rally. Under their leadership, we will fight. Together we can win.

The grays think us weak. But we will stand strong!


Earth Eternal: Earthrise, Book 9

The grays, terrors from deep space, overwhelm our fleet. Our starships burn. Our armies shatter. Our cities crumble.

Hope is all but lost.

Captains Marco Emery and Addy Linden launch a desperate quest. Against all odds, they must reach the grays’ world. They must travel deep behind enemy lines. They must find the grays’ source of power–and destroy it.

The quest seems hopeless. Yet Marco and Addy must succeed.

Or we all die.

It’s a time for courage. A time for hope. A time to fall . . . or to rise higher than ever before.


Book 10-12 Not available yet

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