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Audio Collection (Books #1-5) - Chris Wraight, Guy Haley, Gav Thorpe, John French, David Annandale

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Echoes of War contains five audio dramas featuring the heroic Space Marines (and some not-so heroic ones).

This collection contains the following short stories:

Book 1: Parting of the Ways, by Chris Wraight.

Abandoned by his primarch and left to lead the Space Wolves into an uncertain future, Bjorn the Fell-Handed is amongst the greatets of the sons of Russ. But even legends must fall, and when Bjorn meets his end on a distant world, his body broken beyond repair, his brothers battle to save him and he remembers the events that brought him to this place… and realises his destiny.

Book 2: The Glorious Tomb, by Guy Haley.

In the skies above Armageddon, the Black Templars prepare for war, and the Ancients are awakened. Brother Adelard, interred in the Dreadnought Invictus Potens, leads his brothers to war, facing the prospect of a second death in service to the God-Emperor.

Book 3: Accept No Failure, by Gav Thorpe.

As the war against the vicious alien orks on the world of Piscina IV grinds on, Deathwing Captain Belial is haunted by his failure the first time the Dark Angels and greenskins clashed on that war-wracked world. As he counsels Chapter Master Azrael to enact Exterminatus and end the conflict at a stroke, he recalls the last time he had the chance to end the war — when he faced the Great Beast, Ghazghkull Thraka himself, in single combat…

Book 4: Ahriman: The First Prince, by John French.

When his servant Ctesias meets his end, the Thousand Sons arch-sorcerer Ahriman is thrust into a deadly conflict with a creature of darkness, a being from the beginning of time whose cunning and thirst for power are the equal of his own – the first daemon prince of Chaos, the dreaded Be’lakor. As the daemon taunts Ahriman with the very secrets of creation, the sorcerer tries to bargain with the beast for Ctesias’s life… but can a deal with a daemon ever be honoured?

Book 5: True Name, by David Annandale.

Departing from the Sanctus Reach after their ill-fated battle with the daemon Ku’gath Plaguefather, the Grey Knights encounter their nemesis again as they enter the warp. With daemons invading their ship and assaulting Librarian Gared’s mind, the situation looks bleak. As the battle becomes one between Gared and Ku’gath himself, it falls to the Librarian to save his brothers… and his soul.

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