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Maps of Meaning—The Architecture of Belief (64Kbps) - Jordan B. Peterson

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Read by Jordan B. Peterson
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Length: 30 hrs and 52 mins

Why have people from different cultures and eras formulated myths and stories with similar structures?

What does this similarity tell us about the mind, morality, and structure of the world itself?

Jordan Peterson offers a provocative new hypothesis that explores the connection between what modern neuropsychology tells us about the brain and what rituals, myths, and religious stories have long narrated.

A cutting-edge work that brings together neuropsychology, cognitive science, and Freudian and Jungian approaches to mythology and narrative, Maps of Meaning presents a rich theory that makes the wisdom and meaning of myth accessible to the critical modern mind.

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1 Maps of Experience. Object and Meaning.mp3 32.85 MBs
2 Maps of Meaning. Three Levels of Analysis.mp3 2.57 MBs
2.1 Normal and Revolutionary Life. Two Prosaic Stories.mp3 5.86 MBs
2.1.1 Normal Life.mp3 10 MBs
2.1.2 Revolutionary Life.mp3 3.92 MBs
2.2 Neuropsychological Function. The Nature of the Mind.mp3 802.79 KBs
2.2.1 The Valence of Things.mp3 18.23 MBs
2.2.2 Unexplored Territory. Phenomenology and Neuropsychology.mp3 9.32 MBs
2.2.3 Exploration. Phenomenology and Neuropsychology.mp3 24.58 MBs
2.2.4 Explored Territory. Phenomenology and Neuropsychology.mp3 49.41 MBs
2.3 Mythological Representation. The Constituents Elements of Experience.mp3 3.54 MBs
2.3.1 Introduction.mp3 31.3 MBs
2.3.2 The Enuma elish. A Comprehensive Exemplar of Narrative Categorization.mp3 40.18 MBs
2.3.3 The Dragon of Primordial Chaos.mp3 19.97 MBs
2.3.4 The Great Mother. Images of the Unknown, or Unexplored Territory.mp3 47.13 MBs
2.3.5 The Divine Son. Images of the Knower, the Exploratory Process.mp3 16.3 MBs
2.3.6 The Great Father. Images of the Known, or Explored Territory.mp3 44.98 MBs
3 Apprenticeship and Enculturation. Adoption of a Shared Map.mp3 32.09 MBs
4 The Appearance of Anomaly. Challenge to the Shared Map.mp3 3.33 MBs
4.1 Introduction. The Paradigmatic Structure of the Known.mp3 19.42 MBs
4.2 Particular Forms of Anomaly. The Strange, the Stranger, the Strange Idea and the Revolutionary Hero.mp3 1.17 MBs
4.2.1 The Strange.mp3 5.95 MBs
4.2.2 The Stranger.mp3 3.97 MBs
4.2.3 The Strange Idea.mp3 39.2 MBs
4.2.4 The Revolutionary Hero.mp3 18.83 MBs
4.3 The Rise of Self-Reference, and the Permanent Contamination of Anomaly with Death.mp3 40.78 MBs
5 The Hostile Brothers. Archetypes of Response to the Unknown.mp3 1.97 MBs
5.1 Introduction. The Hero and the Adversary.mp3 6.25 MBs
5.2 The Adversary. Emergence, Development and Representation.mp3 23.58 MBs
5.2.1 The Adversary in Action. Voluntary Degradation of the Map of Meaning.mp3 35.44 MBs
5.2.2 The Adversary in Action. A Twentieth Century Allegory.mp3 49.29 MBs
5.3 Heroic Adaptation. Heroic Reconstruction of the Map of Meaning.mp3 3.77 MBs
5.3.1 The Creative Illness and the Hero.mp3 52.95 MBs
5.3.2 The Alchemical Procedure and the Philosopher’s Stone.mp3 94.84 KBs Introductory Note.mp3 65.83 KBs Part One.mp3 11.25 MBs Part Two.mp3 3.17 MBs The ‘Material World’ as Archaic ‘Locus of the Unknown’.mp3 19.83 MBs Episodic Representation in Medieval Christendom.mp3 13.65 MBs The Prima Materia.mp3 5.48 MBs The King of Order.mp3 3.37 MBs The Queen of Chaos.mp3 5.03 MBs The Conjunction.mp3 13.6 MBs The Peregrination.mp3 11.12 MBs
5.4 Conclusion. The Divinity of Interest.mp3 1.28 MBs
5.4.1 Introduction.mp3 17.84 MBs
5.4.2 The Divinity of Interest.mp3 24.2 MBs
[e] Peterson,JB-Maps of Meaning—The Architecture of Belief (1999).epub 2.66 MBs
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