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Mastering The Law of Attraction - Andy Shaw

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Mastering The Law of Attraction is about exactly how to make manifesting your dreams a reality!

In this book I also share a few stories about what I’ve manifested so far using the Law of Attraction to find my perfect partner, create millions in investments and cash, succeed in several businesses, become a best selling author, and even world-changing success. I share exactly what I did and what I thought and give you a structured way to apply the same thinking to deliver you results.

Because the Law of Attraction is a law, it means it has rules. Play by the rules and you get what you desire. Fail to play by them and you’ll be left thinking the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. But when you apply some simple structured thinking then the Law becomes easy to apply and will work for you as soon as you begin applying the simple process you’ll discover in this book.

Inside you’ll also learn:

• How to master the law of attraction…
• How to believe in your own limitless potential…
• How to change your results today…
• How to change the way you think so that your life automatically changes…
• How to stop thinking about what you don’t want and get what you do want…
• How to use the law of attraction to create riches…
• How to feel good where you are now, because you know you’ll get where you want to go… Or somewhere better…


If you’ve studied the Law of Attraction before, or if this is the very first time you’ve looked into it, then you are going to discover the exact process to creating your dreams. I know it sounds like a big promise, but when you read it today you will see how easy it is for me to make that promise to you.

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