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Mind eraser by Joe Brogie (a how to book)

Audio Books : Mystery : MP3/192Kbps : English
Joe Brogie – Mind Eraser

* dreamer
* New Arrivals
* December 11, 2010

* Extract a thought, word, even someone’s name, from their mind!
* Create Amnesia without a hypnotic induction, trance state, or pre-show work!
* Use NLP to control how people act, think, and feel!
* Cause peoples skin to tingle using Joe’s Secret Touch Technieque!
* Use simple one liners to create shifts in the mental process!
* Bring someone into a full state of hypnotic trance!
* Use Waking Hypnosis to stick people to the floor!
* Become a hypnosis machine in the fastest time possible!
* …and YES, we teach you how to put the thoughts back!
* Plus So Much More!


BONUS #1: Special Interview session with Joe Brogie and Jay Noblezada discussing TOUCH, Noblezada’s unreleased, personal approach to Banachek’s PK Touches! Touch someone from accross the room without strings, stooges, magic apparatus, or dual reality. No pre-show, or assistants. This is Noblezada’s baby that he’s been keeping close for 2 years now. It’s deadly!

BONUS #2: The Gift: Audio Hypnosis Training Program! Get a complete crash course in hypnosis with 9 tracks and over 100 minutes of Hypnosis Training from Noblezada! He’ll show you how you can use ‘push button’ hypnosis techniques to bring anyone into a deep state of trance for 10 full minutes. You’ll look like a Pro! And you won’t even have to be in the same room! The Gift isn’t for sale anywhere! Not anymore… These gems truly are limited!

Bonus #3: Special Lesson on Confidence Building, and how to own the room using the a special technique. This is the kind of information that you don’t get from average training products. In the business it’s what we call the “IT” factor. Either you have this or you don’t, and it SUCKS if you don’t!

Bonus #4: Special Mind Eraser Content! Joe will be uploading new demo, and instructional videos to The Mind Eraser Group, that only special members will be able to see! Plus you can discuss ANYTHING you want in our Mind Eraser discussion group! Ask questions, get answers, and post your own videos, and stories about your own Mind Eraser experiences!

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