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 Oblivion's Crown Endless Online Book 5  -  M.H. Johnson

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Explore! Level up! Take over an entire planet, and take out anyone that gets in your way!

Against all odds, Val and his men have survived a savage assault initiated by a ruthless foe. But Val was forced to pay a steep price after taking out the enemy commander, a retributive curse that has every living Jordian eager to claim his scalp, including his own allies!

Only Julia, a Terran half-blood like him, is immune, and there is only one way to break the curse.

They have to charge into enemy territory, sneak past countless troops, and somehow defeat an entire clan of Highlords hungry for their heads.

For Val, it’s not just about survival.

It’s about revenge.

He is determined to take out the bastards who thought they could enslave his entire planet under the guise of a virtual reality game. And what better way to accomplish this than by seizing control of the very world spearheading the invasion of Earth!

Val better act fast, using strategies no one ever sees coming, because the entire corrupt council of Jordian Highlords will stop at nothing to destroy the Terran gamer who dares to walk the Path of Kings!
©2019 M.H. Johnson (P)2019 M.H. Johnson

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