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John Norman Players of Gor Gorean Saga, Book 20 - REQUEST

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The games of Gor are diverse, as are their players. There are the games of planetary politics, in which worlds are contested. And those of cities and ubarates, of ponderous cavalries and fleets of lateen-rigged ships. And smaller games, bloody games, played on a square of sand, in which the counters and pieces are edged weapons. And, too, there is Kaissa, common on Gor, played with pieces of wood, on a board of a hundred squares. One might think little would depend on the outcomes of such a benign recreation, but one could be wrong. The major land power in the northern latitudes of known Gor has long been the imperium of mighty Ar. Against her hegemonies on the continent, plans by her major enemies, the maritime ubarates of Cos and Tyros, have been carefully drawn, projectively to involve attack from without and subversion from within. Cabot, once of Earth, is drawn into these intrigues. A foiled plot laid against his life leads him to the port city of Brundisium, where he obtains not only satisfaction, but keys to enciphered documents germane to the machinations of Cos and Tyros. These should be delivered to Ar. But the armada of the maritime ubarates is already entering the collaborating port of Brundisium. Coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the first book of the Gorean Saga, TARNSMAN OF GOR, E-Reads is proud to release the very first complete publication of all Gor books by John Norman, in both print and ebook editions, including the long-awaited 26th novel in the saga, WITNESS OF GOR. Many of the original Gor books have been out of print for years, but their popularity has endured. Each book of this release has been specially edited by the author and is a definitive text.

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Comment : Narrated by: Ralph Lister

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