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Since the invention of the printing press, the world’s consistently bestselling book has been the Bible. Since 1815, it has been printed an estimated five billion times. By the end of 2005, it had been translated into 2,043 languages. In the Western world, the Bible is easy to find: In most hotel rooms, it is handier than the Yellow Pages.

And yet, what do many of us know about this ancient and influential text? Compiled over centuries, the Bible is considered to be both a divinely inspired message and the work of human authors. Throughout its history, it has grown from a collection of stories and teachings shared through oral tradition to a founding text for three of the world’s great religions. It has been copied and recopied into countless manuscripts, pronounced from the pulpit, studied in universities and synagogues, and read in private. Translated and distributed all over the world, it bears the mark of the many cultures that have debated its meaning and prized its wisdom.

In The Story of the Bible, renowned scholar Luke Timothy Johnson can illuminate for you the remarkable and complicated process by which this great book came into being. Tracing the development of biblical texts across millennia, Professor Johnson takes you on a journey from the farthest reaches of ancient history through antiquity and the Middle Ages up to the present. You’ll learn about the many forms the Bible has taken and the ways history, scholarship, and technology have helped shape this great tradition, as well as the Bible’s powerful influence on human history and culture.

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03 - Forms of Jewish Scripture.mp3 7.08 MBs
04 - Birth of the Christian Bible.mp3 7.21 MBs
05 - Formation of Jewish and Christian Canons.mp3 6.95 MBs
06 - Writing and Copying Manuscripts.mp3 6.8 MBs
07 - Imperial Sponsorship and the Bible.mp3 6.8 MBs
08 - Texts and Translations - The Ancient East.mp3 6.86 MBs
09 - Old Latin and the Vulgate.mp3 6.91 MBs
10 - Other Ancient Versions.mp3 6.42 MBs
11 - Monasteries and Manuscripts.mp3 6.72 MBs
12 - Interpretation within Judaism.mp3 6.86 MBs
13 - Interpretation in Medieval Christianity.mp3 7.06 MBs
14 - The Renaissance, Printing, and the Bible.mp3 6.8 MBs
15 - The Protestant Reformation and the Bible.mp3 6.8 MBs
16 - Translating the Bible into Modern Languages.mp3 6.91 MBs
17 - The First Efforts at Englishing the Bible.mp3 6.83 MBs
18 - The King James Version.mp3 6.76 MBs
19 - The Romance of Manuscripts.mp3 6.81 MBs
20 - Searching for the Critical Text.mp3 7.1 MBs
21 - The Historical-Critical Approach.mp3 7.11 MBs
22 - The Bible in Contemporary Judaism.mp3 6.92 MBs
23 - Contemporary Christians and Their Bibles.mp3 6.99 MBs
24 - The Bible’s Story Continues.mp3 7.02 MBs
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