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The Duchess in His Bed - Lorraine Heath

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A Sins for All Seasons, book 4
Publisher: HarperAudio
Release date: August 20, 2019
Duration: 11:42:48

For a duchess with practical desires, falling in love is an inconceivable part of her plan…
As owner of the Elysium Club which caters to women’s fantasies, Aiden Trewlove is accustomed to introducing adventurous ladies to sin and vice.

But he is uncharacteristically intrigued by the mysterious beauty who visits his club one night, yearning to indulge in the forbidden—with him. Drawn to her indomitable spirit, he breaks his rule of never becoming personally involved with his clientele and is determined to fully awaken her desires.

A recent widow, Selena Sheffield, Duchess of Lushing, has never known passion, not until Aiden’s slow, sensual seduction leads her on a journey of discovery and incredible pleasure. But her reasons for visiting the notorious club are not all that they seem.
As Selena’s motives become complicated by love, she finds herself with a most unexpected choice: forge ahead with a secret plan that could secure her future—or follow her heart which could prove ruinous.

All reviewers found this a very disappointing and one found it “dreary.” Here is one complete review…

Unfortunately, Heath’s Victorian-era follow-up to the riveting The Scoundrel in Her Bed has a slow, formulaic plot. The recently widowed Selena Sheffield, Duchess of Lushing, is in dire straits because the duke’s vast properties will revert to the Crown unless she can produce a son with sufficient rapidity to claim that her husband fathered the child. Hoping to get pregnant in a hurry, she visits Aiden Trewlove’s private London club for noblewomen, seeking the owner himself. Aiden and his siblings, all illegitimate, were tossed away by their noble father and raised in poor conditions. But unlike his siblings, he has no desire to marry back into the aristocracy, striving for business success instead. Beautiful Selena tempts him, as his secretly produced son could be a future duke. In previous Sins for All Seasons novels, Heath brought together couples who were already acquainted; perhaps this entry seems colder because Aiden and Selena are essentially strangers and get to know each other slowly and without real chemistry. Even series fans will find this a disappointment.

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