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The Gender Game Series - Bella Forrest

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Bella Forrest - The Gender Game Series

Book 1 - The Gender Game

For fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent comes a story like no other….

A toxic river divides 19-year-old Violet Bates’ world by gender.

Women rule the East. Men rule the West.

Welcome to the lands of Matrus and Patrus.

Ever since the disappearance of her beloved younger brother, Violet’s life has been consumed by an anger she struggles to control. Already a prisoner to her own nation, now she has been sentenced to death for her crimes.

But one decision could save her life.

To enter the kingdom of Patrus, where men rule and women submit.

Everything about the patriarchy is dangerous for a rebellious girl like Violet. She cannot break the rules if she wishes to stay alive. But abiding by rules has never been her strong suit, and when she is thrust into more danger than she could have ever predicted, Violet is forced to sacrifice many things in the forbidden kingdom…including forbidden love.

In a world divided by gender, only the strongest survive….

Book 2 - The Gender Secret

The pulse-pounding second book in the Gender Game series.

Gliding over the treacherous Green in a shaky aircraft that she has no idea how to land, Violet Bates is still in shock. The harrowing events of the previous night play over in her mind as she asks herself question after question.

Why did Lee Desmond Bertrand behave the way he did?

What is the truth about the mysterious silver egg stowed beneath her seat?

What happened to Viggo, and where is her brother? Is either of them still alive?

When Violet manages to reach the toxic ground alive, she has landed in a world of unimaginable danger. She has barely time to catch her breath before she is sucked into a perilous journey at breakneck speed - to uncover secrets guarded for centuries and find the only two people who matter.

Book 3 - The Gender Lie

“I’d want you to help me win a war….”

After discovering the shocking secret buried deep within The Green, Violet has a grave decision to make.

Trust the woman who saved her, or not?

So far, everything about the woman has taken Violet by surprise. Her behavior has been honest and upfront - a refreshing change for Violet. Besides, with one of her loved ones hanging on life support and the other close to falling completely out of reach, Violet doesn’t exactly have a lot of choice.

Her only way forward is to embark on a dicey excursion. For this, she knows, she needs the Liberators’ help - and must be prepared to take whatever risks that come with.

But what neither she nor any of her new Liberator comrades can prepare for is just how deep the lies of their homelands run….

Continue Violet and Viggo’s journey in the explosive third book of the best-selling The Gender Game series.

Book 4 - The Gender War

“For the sake of Viggo, my brother, my family in Patrus, and every single citizen of our God-forsaken nations, I had to stop the war.”

Continue Violet and Viggo’s journey in the electrifying fourth book of The Gender Game series!

Book 5 - The Gender Fall

Continue Violet and Viggo’s heart-racing journey in the epic fifth book of The Gender Game series.

Book 6 - The Gender Plan

“I just had to believe we’d dealt a death blow of our own. That today would be the beginning of the end….”

Ready for the explosive penultimate audiobook in the Gender Game series? (As we move toward the grand finale in book 7: The Gender End).

Book 7 - The Gender End

The breathtaking, earth-shattering, grand finale of the best-selling Gender Game series.

Return to Matrus and Patrus one last time.

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