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The Ghost of Christmas Secrets - Bobbi Holmes

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Series: Haunting Danielle, Book 19
Length: 9 hrs and 19 mins
Release date: 05-28-19
Publisher: Tantor Audio

It’s hard to know who to trust when you’re worth billions. Christmas brings uninvited family members to Marlow House, vying for Chris Glandon’s favor. One of them may have already killed for it.

With his dying breath, Stoddard Gusarov names his killer: Danielle Boatman. Danielle had a score to settle with Stoddard Gusarov, but murder him? Never.Proving to the police she is innocent is the least of her problems. She has an angry spirit to contend with, the ghost of Stoddard Gusarov—and he’s out for revenge.

In the midst of the mystery, Lily is distracted with one question - what isn’t Danielle telling her?

A review…At the beginning of this book, I was worried that everything had been pushed too far. You can’t read these confections in book form without suspending your disbelief, and there have been all sorts of things to suspend it over, all of which I’ve been fine with. Ghosts + cozy mysteries = good entertainment in my opinion. But at the beginning of this story, so much ridiculously good fortune had fallen at Walt’s feet in so little time, after having essentially gone through a miracle, that it seemed more than my disbelief could keep its mouth shut over. Thankfully, the story progressed beyond that set up relatively quickly to get into the heart of the mystery, and things kept improving from there.

Another…This story was a fun cozy read as usual! That said, there were issues with the audiobook. The narrator inhales sharply every few seconds and it is all captured by the microphone, making the story pretty irritating to listen to. I’ve never noticed this problem with any of the other audiobooks (maybe the problem was that I was listening at 1.25x?).

Audible and inAudible and I goofed up part 1. Ran it through Audacity and all is now correct. I took time to clean up the tags and remove excess Audible junk. The Audible download was 50k, but part 1 is now 48k.

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