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The Science of Enlightenment - Shinzen Young

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What is enlightenment? Is it a myth or is it real? On The Science of Enlightenment, you will learn that the liberated state is as real as the sensations you are having right now. For it is through the investigation of your own thoughts and feelings that you can awaken to clear insight and a happiness independent of conditions: the state of enlightenment.

Through his expertise in both science and spirituality, meditation teacher Shinzen Young demystifies the principles of awakening hidden within the world’s great spiritual traditions and shows you how to use them in your own life.

Here, in an unequaled 14-CD course covering traditional teachings, scientific insights, and practical instructions, you will test for yourself the discoveries of the great wisdom traditions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Jewish mysticism, Sufism, Hinduism, shamanism, and many others.

Why is single-pointed concentration so highly regarded on every contemplative path? How do you move beyond emotional/intellectual blocks and into a state of highest presence? Where do psychic powers and other mystical phenomena fit in the architecture of enlightenment? How do you know if your meditation practice is working?

On The Science of Enlightenment, Shinzen Young elucidates these questions with precision and intelligence, demonstrating why he is regarded as one of the Western world’s most articulate and understandable teachers of classical mystical experience.

The search for awakening is not limited to a chosen few. It is a field open for you to investigate once you possess the inner technologies to do so. Now you can begin that investigation with The Science of Enlightenment. Includes six complete guided meditation sessions.

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session 04-relaxation and reality.mp3 59.49 MBs
session 05-working with the feeling body.mp3 68.78 MBs
session 06-mindfulness and equinimity pt. 1.mp3 59.74 MBs
session 07-global relaxation (meditation).mp3 58.81 MBs
session 08-free floating awareness in the body (meditation).mp3 58.2 MBs
session 09-choosing your object of meditation.mp3 60.28 MBs
session 10-working with the thinking mind.mp3 59.63 MBs
session 11-on the thinking process (meditation).mp3 55.97 MBs
session 12-clarifying the sense of self (meditation).mp3 56.05 MBs
session 13-the realms of power pt. 1.mp3 63.78 MBs
session 14-the realms of power pt. 2.mp3 58.05 MBs
session 15-impermanence pt.1 (the stone buddha dances).mp3 52.63 MBs
session 16-impermanence pt.2 (the effortless flow of nature).mp3 53.72 MBs
session 17-impermanence pt.3 (expansion and contraction).mp3 62.45 MBs
session 18-impermanence pt.4 (something from nothing).mp3 61.44 MBs
session 19-expanding and contracting with the breath (meditation).mp3 57.69 MBs
session 20-covering the whole sensory field (meditation).mp3 57.64 MBs
session 21-the big picture pt. 1 (the rise of buddhism).mp3 68.32 MBs
session 22-the big picture pt. 2 (the spread of buddhism).mp3 69.69 MBs
session 23-the big picture pt. 3 (science, spirituality and the future of humanity).mp3 67.25 MBs
session 24-the big picture pt. 4 (more on the previous).mp3 65.82 MBs
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