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The Secrets of Great Mystery and Suspense Fiction - David Schmid

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Great mystery and suspense writers have created some of the most unforgettable stories in all of literature. Even those who don’t consider themselves fans of this intriguing genre are familiar with names such as Hercule Poirot, Sam Spade, Hannibal Lecter, and Robert Langdon, and understand the deep and lasting impact this writing has had on literature as a whole. An utterly captivating and compelling genre, mystery and suspense has leapt off the pages of the old dime store paperbacks, magazines, and comic books onto big screens, small screens, radio serials, podcasts, websites, and more. You’ll find elements, characters, and references permeating popular culture and news reports worldwide, and bleeding into other literary genres such as romance, political thrillers, sports stories, and even biographies. Nearly 200 years old, the genre of mystery and suspense literature is only growing more popular.

How did it become so prevalent? Why is mystery and suspense a go-to genre for so many around the world? What makes the dark and sometimes grisly themes appealing? In 24 lectures of The Secrets of Great Mystery and Suspense Fiction, Professor David Schmid of the University at Buffalo examines these questions, as he guides you through an examination of the many different varieties of the genre, including classic whodunits, hard-boiled crime fiction, historical mysteries, courtroom dramas, true crime narratives, espionage fiction, and many more.

Fans of the genre will be delighted by the breadth and depth of information presented, guaranteed to uncover gems they had not yet discovered. But anyone, whether they are admirers of mystery on radio and film, or simply fans of literature, history, or pop culture, will find something to enlighten and entertain in this study of a genre with such tremendous impact.

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03. The Criminal.mp3 23.54 MBs
09. Murder in Cozy Places.mp3 23.54 MBs
26. Japanese and Latin American Mysteries.mp3 23.42 MBs
14. The Femme Fatale.mp3 23.25 MBs
05. Detecting Clues.mp3 23.18 MBs
27. Precursors to True Crime.mp3 22.92 MBs
02. The Detective Is Born.mp3 22.85 MBs
04. The Sidekick.mp3 22.74 MBs
36. Mysterious Experiments.mp3 22.66 MBs
01. Mystery Fiction’s Secret Formula.mp3 22.61 MBs
21. Police as Antagonist.mp3 22.26 MBs
17. The Lady Detective.mp3 22.24 MBs
11. The City Tests the Detective.mp3 22.23 MBs
24. The European Mystery Tradition.mp3 22.15 MBs
20. Psychopaths and Mind Hunters.mp3 22.11 MBs
12. The Private Eye Opens.mp3 22.06 MBs
28. True Crime in the 20th Century.mp3 21.62 MBs
33. Courtroom Drama.mp3 21.46 MBs
13. African American Mysteries.mp3 21.29 MBs
18. Violence Waits in the Wings.mp3 21.28 MBs
15. The Private Eye Evolves.mp3 21.24 MBs
25. Nordic Noir.mp3 21.2 MBs
29. Historical Mysteries.mp3 20.99 MBs
31. Female-Centered Mystery and Suspense.mp3 20.9 MBs
35. Adapting the Multimedia Mystery.mp3 20.88 MBs
32. Poetic Justice.mp3 20.76 MBs
30. Spies, Thrillers, and Conspiracies.mp3 20.69 MBs
23. Native American Mysteries.mp3 20.51 MBs
22. Police as Protagonist.mp3 20.45 MBs
19. Violence Takes Center Stage.mp3 20.36 MBs
34. Gay and Lesbian Mystery and Suspense.mp3 20.35 MBs
16. Latino Detectives on the Border.mp3 20.31 MBs
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