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Omnibus Remix - NPR - George Lucas, Brian Daley

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The Star Wars radio dramas, re-cut and blended together into three omnibus editions.

I did this because whilst I think the full episodes are the way to go for a first listen, once you’ve heard it a couple of times, you don’t need to hear the opening music and narration 13 times yet again, just in the first series.

Some of the blends work well, others are not seamless, but I’ve done what I can to keep them from being too jarring.

Thanks to whackbag for the FLAC files I used to make this :-

I don’t recommend this as a first listen, as the narrator does some of the heavy lifting regarding letting the listener know where each episode opens and I have taken scissors to all that. You can find the originals in the excellent torrent by whackbag linked above.

1, Star Wars - 4 hours 54 mins (originally Thirteen 30 minute episodes)

2, The Empire Strikes Back - 3 hours 31 mins (originally Ten 30 minute episodes)

3, Return of the Jedi - 2 hours 30 mins (originally Six 30 minute episodes)

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