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Thunder from Fenris - Nick Kyme

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A zombie plague blights the ice world of Skorbad, a planet that is ravaged by war. A heroic band of Space Wolves are sent in to break the deadlock, but these are not just any sons of Leman Russ — they are thunderwolf riders, an ancient brotherhood, warriors of myth and legends.

During the hunt for the corrupted propagators of the plague, one of the Space Wolves succumbs to the wulfen curse. Suddenly it isn’t just zombies that these feral heroes face in the darkness. Amid the ruins of Skorbad, the Space Wolves must save their fallen brother before a much more horrifying truth is revealed.


This short story is followed by “Doomseeker”, which can be found here:

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10 Shadows In The Drifts.mp3 8.99 MBs
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04 Skorbad.mp3 6.05 MBs
05 Thorgard.mp3 3.03 MBs
06 Hellspire.mp3 5.07 MBs
07 The Space Wolves Butcher.mp3 5.9 MBs
08 Cowering Humans.mp3 4.46 MBs
09 A Ruined Outhouse.mp3 4.57 MBs
01 Slain By One Of His Own.mp3 4.55 MBs
11 Hagni.mp3 3.86 MBs
12 Underwater.mp3 2.8 MBs
13 The Catacombs.mp3 5.48 MBs
14 The Tunnel.mp3 2.01 MBs
15 The Chamber.mp3 4.3 MBs
16 Slay It!.mp3 4.66 MBs
17 Burning Flesh.mp3 5 MBs
18 Rock The Chamber.mp3 6.4 MBs
19 The Arctic Tundra Of Skorbad.mp3 3.92 MBs
20 Worthy Of A Saga.mp3 3.7 MBs
21 A Brothers Honour.mp3 4.28 MBs
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