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Unspeakable - Sandra Brown

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Read by John Henry Cox
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Unspeakable – John Henry Cox – 13.5hrs
Carl Herbold enjoys being bad. After all, he is terrifyingly good at it. Emulated by violence, he and his brother, Cecil, had easily graduated from juvenile delinquents to full-blown killers. And Carl, now serving a life sentence in an Arkansas penitentiary, carries out a daring escape with a fellow inmate and is on his way back to where he began–Blewer County, Texas.

Ann Corbett had been widowed right before her son was born. Beset by debt and personal tragedy, she faces the toughest challenge of her life–holding on to the ranch that is her son’s birthright–unaware that she is at the center of Carl Herbold’s vengeful plan. Ezzy Hardge is a retired lawman who is haunted by the one crime he sacrificed everything to solve, but could not. And Jack Sawyer, a seemingly easy going cowboy and drifter whose past is shrouded in mystery, understands Herbold’s twisted mind and his hate-filled lust for vengeance.

Risking exposure of his own troubled past, Jack arrives at Anna Corbett’s ranch asking for work, but in reality hoping to protect the innocent deaf woman and her young son from Herbold’s rage.

Note – if this book was set 100 - 150 years earlier it could be a classic western: a prison escapee wanting vengeance, a world-weary sheriff, and a drifter out to protect a widow and her young son, very little romance —Texas. John Henry Cox’s narrative style fits right in with that theme. This is a straight through reading and no chapters are announced.

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